“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” Matt 6:27

You have like I, have heard people quote: “Faith without works is dead”. Many times it used out of the context of the spirit in which it was written. James was writing to people who were believing God for items that could easily be taken care of by them doing the work with what they already have. He was NOT referring to having faith in God when the situation is out of YOUR control. Don’t be fooled by the enemy – who doesn’t want you to trust in GOD!

There was a situation that came up recently, that could have been taken care of but wasn’t. You know those things that we place on the back burner when other things seem to take priority. It really needed divine intervention. But we allowed it to fall in the cracks of files of “right now”. It’s at these times that we NEED to depend and have the faith to move mountains, in Christ Jesus. If ‘we’ could do it – we would. God’s people are people of action. But modern convenience and self-reliance redirects us from God’s Miracle Working acts. He came through for the Children of Israel at the Red Sea. Sure they could have made rafts, boats and crossed over if they had enough time or not (But that’s another message). However they would have left behind everything that they had recovered from years of work and out of their bondage thus never witnessing the Glory of God!
Don’t let the enemy steal your victory, and God’s Glory! You know only HE could do it!! Let God move on your behalf. Faith is the substance of things hoped for – EVIDENCE of thing NOT seen! Miracle DO happen, hand it over to God, and just believe.
You have nothing to lose, and you can not gain one inch to your height by worrying about it. Give to the One who can part your Red Seas, move your Mountains and allow your faith to grow!

Be Encouraged