Some folks are too young to remember the old Flip Wilson skit with Geraldine, “The Devil made me buy that dress…”  It reminds of an illustration that I’ve used in some of my messages –
Saint Peter came through the pearly gates and noticed a figure in the corner crying. As he approached he noticed it was Satan himself, “Why are you crying?” he asked with curiosity. Satan’s reply was simply “I get blamed for EVERYTHING”.  A bit comical, but many times true.
Satan IS the enemy of the our souls, he does want us to fail. He is the accuser of the saints.  He would like nothing better than to ruin your chances of eternal life with the One he once called Lord and loved. However, more times than we care to admit, he doesn’t have to raise a finger against us. We sabotage our own successes.

James writes “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.” some translations use the word “desires”. When we want to push God out of the way to prove to ourselves and others that we have ‘obtained’ whether material, social and even religious status we replace Christ with our petty achievements. There you go…we fail because of our selfish desires to be the B.M.O.C. of our world.
Let’s be mindful of the opportunities we have to raise up Christ the Hope of Glory, not ourselves drawing us away from the true Righteous One, Jesus.
We won’t need to place the blame on Satan or anyone else for our mistakes, mishaps and circumstances if we are diligent to keep Him on the Throne of our Hearts.

Be Encouraged