Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers on today especially dedicated to celebrate all the contributions to the lives of your children. As I remember the heartaches and headaches my sibling gave my mother, and the sleepless nights my children gave my wife, I think you deserve more than just ONE day.

Mother & Daughter on wedding day (Nov. 2012)

This morning as I woke to greet the Lord, an ol’ Christmas ballad came to mind: “Are you really baby Jesus”. The song is an observation by a passer-byre, Mary singing to her new born son. (lyrics below)
It reminiscent of the thoughts every mother plays as she delivers and spends precious moments alone with her child. What will the child become? I can imagine they begin to fantasize about the great accomplishments this new life will achieve. And yet, deep inside they pray “Lord, please watch over this life you have lent me to raise”. What a contrast of emotions. Mary no doubt knew the destination of her son, The Savior and although it would benefit many (even herself) it still was heart wrenching.

Mothers play a big role in the lives of children. In most cases, it’s mother that stays when everyone else turns their backs on us. They’re known to work two jobs and strive for the ‘icing on the cake’, so to speak, to make sure the children have the best experience possible. Sacrificing their own comfort, mothers are the ones that celebrate accomplishments and lift the spirits of the discouraged. In many ways mothers are like Christ; Undying Love, Eternal Forgiveness, Positive Encouragement & Looking beyond our faults.

This mother’s day, hold your mother close (if she still lives). Celebrate her love that has made you what you are. Acknowledge that her prayers and encouragement has kept you from falling. On a side note: hold someone who has lost mother close, and remind them mother’s love is forever.

Thank you mothers for; believing in us when we couldn’t believe in ourselves, Loving us, when we couldn’t Love ourselves, for Praying, when we couldn’t Pray ourselves.

Be Encouraged.

“Are You Really Baby Jesus”

As I chanced to walk down a Bethlehem street, I was unprepared for the sight I was to see; a stable, the oxen, a little white lamb. A mother holding to her, her new born baby’s hand.

I watched with amazement as men came and gave, gifts to the baby that laid there in the hay. They bowed to him, prayed to him, went home a different way. Then I heard the mother gently utter her newborn’s name.

Are you really baby Jesus? Can you be the Son of God? Will you be the King of Kings? Baby, your mother stands in awe. Tell me, will you laugh and play? Get in mommy’s way? Have feelings and cry? Oh tell me little one, will you really have to die?

I left there remembering the all that she had said, while carefully handling her new born baby’s hand. Messiah, Emmanuel; oh she must be so blind, yet the words she spoke to him are pounding in my mind.