26“And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body”

Matthew 26:26

Taken, Blessed, Broken and Given

I’m so grateful for the Man of God that has spoken encouragement into my life – many times we don’t realize the dedication they suffer through to give us “Words of Wisdom”, and God’s instructions.  Bishop Brooks spoke yesterday (Sunday) on the topic “Taking Dominion” as he began to expound on the Word – my spirit was uplifted to know, we suffer NOT IN VAIN.

In order to be in communion with Christ – we must submit to Him, and His will. That may look different for everyone according to the purpose God has for us. Once taken in His hands – we are secure. If you have taken on the Name of Christ then you are His. No longer just a vessel of clay – but a vessel of purpose!
BLESSED! Anointed, Christ prayed that nourishment would be released – He goes on the “give thanks” for the wine which represented His blood. There are deliberate measures taken by Christ that He wanted us to recognize and identify with. If we are to be in communion with Christ – there is some deliberate ways God will bless, or anoint your life. It’s not always as we expect things to work – but it’s what we have been anointed to suffer through to become USE-ABLE!
Jesus then broke the bread – need I say more. Broken from our selfishness, our thoughts, our perceptions, our pride. One thing I know I have is pride! Everyone does to some extent. Its about how that pride – drives your actions. Are you submissive to Gods Will, or does His Will take back seat to our pride. Even doing the “Work of God”, one can get ‘puffed-up’ and proud: “look what I’m doing for God” attitude. But this is a hard prayer to pray;”God strip me of pride and break me”. WOW – that speaks volumes to me. Even if I have everything in order in my life – He may use things around me that I CAN NOT CONTROL to ‘break’ me of my “I got it together attitude”. Its all about humility. Christ was humble! In some of those same situations Jesus experience – I would have called upon heavenly host and used my authority to shut some mouths. But Christ didn’t. Jesus was humble knowing He could have destroyed some people by the words He spoke. “He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth”.
Finally – He gave out the bread that represented His body. Oh my. I long to be given out, to represent my Lord. There is a dying world, that need Christ. By the way, there are family members who need the same compassion we would show the lost, sitting in our churches, dinner tables, friended on Facebook that we need to make amends with. (that’s for free). In order for us to be given and represent Christ – we must be submissive. HE – gives out. The bread didn’t walk into the mouths of the recipients. God will give you out to those He has prepared.

As we enter a new quarter – (boy that flew by) Let’s remember: Communion with Christ is more than a sacrament, it’s a way of life to the Christian, to the Believer. Are you ready to be “taken, blessed, broken and given”?