A good friend is not someone who necessarily agrees with everything you do and say–it’s somebody who lovingly challenges you to be a better person. We grow in maturity when we can test our thoughts and ideas against another person, and when we’re open to correction when we’re wrong.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17

In this world of ‘casual’ lifestyle we rarely have ‘good’ friends. We tend to live light, without too many ties to a particular person. Family perhaps – a sister or sibling that over the years has been by our side through the tough times.  The Bible however, puts value on having a true friend. Someone who will pull you up when you’re down, and one you can pull-up when they have fallen.  We’ve all had those ‘fair-weather friends’ that come around a couple of times a year during holidays and their birthdays (or it just seems that’s when they show up…LOL).

Be a friend, or receive a friend. Sharpen each other with the Word of God. Find an encouraging Word, give a Smile, Hold a hand – Love that someone. It is God who places people on your heart, not the enemy. The enemy want nothing less than to discourage you! He often times wants you to push yourself away from those who LOVE you. You’ve had those time when you needed a hand on your shoulder, to hear words of encouragement, right?

God’s earthly army is composed of people, not angels or heavenly host – we often fail. Hold out your hand because I NEED YOU, and YOU NEED ME!

Be Encouraged